Security & Freedom

IT Security is mostly considered to be complex and boring. Our vision is to create "Security to be free" where we together help each other to be safe. This can be accomplished if we together build the trust to each other and use modern technology to guide us forward.

Everybody has the right for a digital identity

Today, 1.2 billion people in the world is missing an identity. If we are talking about everybody's equal right, we need to address poor and homeless people as well. When we have a unique and secure identity all countries can have electronic voting system and together we can build real democracy.

Payment systems

When we have strong and unique identities it will be easy to introduce payment systems to make trades between all people and companies in the world. Smart contracts can be implemented to help us to buy products / services from the best provider considering the environment and the price.


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What Does Buytrust Do?

Think New, Think Big, Think Different.

Buytrust works with Trust between different parts and holds the byTrust® brand which will be launched in several products shortly. It's all about trust regardless of whether it is smartphones, computers, smart cards, carriers of digital identities or the people who implement the technical solutions.

Ethical And Environmentally Friendly

There is a lot of energy used in order to scan for viruses, trojans, phishing attacks and other malicious malware. Also, we haven’t agreed upon a common cryptocurrency instead we are building all different solutions that consumes electricity but is never used. We need to make the same efforts that the demonstration for the planet does - be align and accept a solution based on the majority.


Buytrust owns the trademark byTrust® and is in the progress to create security applications and services. It's not the length of keys nor the encryption algorithm that is the most important part in security - it is the level of trust that you achieve between the parties. The chain of trust is not stronger than the weakest part.

Security & Simplicity Are Beautiful

In the last year we have seen new technology that makes older solutions look heavy and expensive. If a solution adds security and makes it simpler for the user, the acceptance will come naturally.

Has your credential been stolen?

There is a site where you can check if your password has been compromised in a hacker attack. Go to and enter your email-address.

This site has been created for people to acknowledge if their credential has been stolen. The hacker has published the username and password on a public site and “Have I Been Pwned” kept all username that was part of this hack. If your email has been identified in any of the breaches make sure to change your password on that specific service.

The solution in the long-run is to move away from username/password to more secure 2-factor authentication. Today, the best solution is to use Time-based OTP mobile apps like Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator or FIDO devices like YubiKey. Most Social media applications already supports this 2-factor and it makes sense to update you account since it works and adds security.

Technology Providers

Example of two-factor authentication:

Microsoft Authenticator 

Google Authenticator

Yubikey from Yubico

Login with 2-factor

Statistics Concerning Data Breaches

Source: Breach Level Index


procent of databreaches where secured with encryption.


billion stolen credential since 2013


procent of  the credential is related to socialmedia account.


stolen data records per day.


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